The back story

The idea for Practical Gift Box was born, much like my 3 gorgeous children, during a stint in hospital … though with a little less screaming and slightly fewer sleepless nights involved. Some close friends gave me a care package filled with personal, helpful gifts chosen specifically for my time in hospital, and after a burst of inspiration I left the corporate world to start my own business. 
My 20+ years experience in the Biotech industry have been invaluable while setting up and running this business. I bring so many transferrable skills from my former life; such as customer service, stock management, planning, coordination with suppliers and wielding spreadsheets to name a few. The business has grown rapidly from its initial set up on my kitchen table, to the busy, thriving business it is today.

It has always given me great joy to choose the perfect gift for someone

So this really is the perfect job. I love working collaboratively with other entrepreneurs, so dreaming up new themes for boxes and brainstorming ways to work on the brand, often over a glass of wine, are some of my favourite things to do.

At Practical Gift Box I want your gift-giving to be convenient and fun. I champion fabulous small businesses in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

In each gift box you’ll discover gorgeous products from small companies as well as individual creatives, makers and solopreneurs. 

Each of our suppliers has been carefully selected to ensure their products fit with our core values of Kindness, Support, Integrity and Togetherness.  Every decision has been made with the aim of building strong relationships in our local area without compromising on any of our ethical beliefs. 

Supporting local businesses is a sustainable choice too. Reducing carbon footprints by cutting down on transportation emissions, promoting community growth and helping small businesses thrive.

Helping and caring for others is a huge part of my philosophy so I work collaboratively with other local entrepreneurs on branding, marketing and product development ideas. I also employ busy mums as ‘packing fairies,’ supporting them to work flexibly around the needs of their families. 

I hope you will enjoy shopping with Practical Gift Box for different people and for different occasions. 

Love from Jill and the rest of the team xx

We are passionate about keeping waste to a minimum so all of our internal packaging and boxes are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable - many of them are letter-box sized.